Thursday, 6 December 2007

We've arrived

Have you ever been land-sick? Right now, I definitely feel quite queasy. After six days at sea on a ship that rolls all the time, today we sailed into the port of Las Palmas and now we are moored and the engines have stopped. We could see the port shortly after dawn but we didn't pick up the pilot until late morning, but as we manoeuvred through the busy port the Captain saw that our berth was too small, and we had to go back to sea for a couple of hours, until eventually we made it to a larger and much better berth at the Passenger Ship Terminal which is three kilometres closer to the town than our original berth. We are surrounded by shops, restaurants and bars, and we can even see a Burger King from Deck 7. We are waiting for clearance by Immigration, then we hope we'll be able to go for a stroll ashore. Tomorrow is a regular work day, then we get the chance to explore and relax on Saturday and Sunday before the ships goes into dry-dock on Monday and the really hard work begins as we race against the clock to complete our maintenance and inspections in the allocated dry-dock time. Olly

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