Thursday, 6 September 2007

Projects YOU support:

So far, your money has contributed to the Liberian people as follows:
£100 from the UK bought 700 bars of soap and 350 tubes of toothpaste for prisoners;
$1066 from Holland bought emergency aid for orphans living on garbage dumps and in abandoned buildings;
£50 from the UK paid for a hernia operation on an 8 year old boy;
$60 from the USA paid school fees for a year for 3 children in a family;
$40 from the USA bought roofing materials for a family of 8 whose house was damaged by bad weather;
$46 from the USA bought two sacks of rice to set up a family in business as rice sellers;
$30 from the UK (and a donation of tools) bought a wheelbarrow for a father to set up business as a tool seller;
£200 from the UK bought two bales of second hand clothes for a father to set up in business as a clothes seller.
Please keep these donations coming. We are happy to forward your money to projects you specify. Olly

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