Monday, 23 February 2009

Places to eat in Cotonou

Thanks to our good friend Rob Baker for compiling this report of tried and tested places to eat in Cotonou. Bon appetit!
Chez Tony - good burgers and chips for about 1,500cfa. Take the road opposite the 'Eglise St Michel' and it's down there on the right.
The Crux - down "the strip" in Cadjehoun, next to the 'Championne' supermarket. Excellent pizza and other French food + great service. Pizzas from around 3,500.
The Beer Garden. It's on the coast the other side of the lagoon from the port. Ask for 'Quartier Jacques' then keep going towards the beach. Great food and a nice cool breeze from the coast. Bit pricier than some, but the portions are BIG!
The Gerbe d'Or on the main street in Ganhi (very close to the port). Good food and milkshakes!
The Secret Chwarma - best Lebanese chwarmas (ie doner kebabs) in town. Only 1,500 each and you'll do well to finish one! North over the fly-over in town then almost immediately right, on the street with 'New Look' on the corner. It's just on the right, called 'Boucherie Libanaise', just before the 'Hotel le Crillon'.
The Hai King Chinese, on the main roundabout next to the Festival des Glaces in Cadjehoun. Great value & service. Delicious food. Sit up the very top and watch the traffic as you eat!
Chez Davia et Fils - EXCELLENT curry for 3,000 a head. Read Rob's review here.
Bangkok Terrace - great Thai food, near DFC on the road to Hall Des Arts.
La Branche (if it's still there) is part of the 'Kora' supermarket, just off the 'Rue des Trois Banques'. Good atmosphere, air-con and nice food.
Le Sud-Ouest. Very near the English School off "the strip" in Cadjehoun. Nice for a 'posh' meal out. French food (inc. frogs' legs) and nice atmosphere. Will cost you around 35,000cfa for 2 to eat.
The Repaire de Bacchus, very near the new overpass in town - live jazz every Thursday night from 10:00-1:00. A late night, but great atmosphere and delicious, cheap food. Only 3 mins drive from the port (but don't risk walking or zemming it that late).
Thanks again Rob. So much to chose from. Olly


Rob Baker said...

You're welcome - bon app├ętit!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, an airline pilot and had no idea where to dine until i ran into your block. much appreciated.

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